Saturday, November 14, 2015

Fuck the World.

It's hard to talk about any kind of otherwise inconsequential bullshit in the wake of tragedy. What happened in Paris just a couple days ago...yeah, sweet fucking Christ. The world is a cruel place, and mankind is its most terrible creature that inhabits it. There's no denying that. Hundreds of innocent people dead, and there will more than likely be plenty more to follow as anyone identifying themselves as Muslim will more than likely become a target of some sort or another. Thanks ISIS...or whoever takes credit for this or this gets pinned on.

So yeah, religious fanaticism strikes again. Innocent people were murdered, and more innocent people will end up being murdered in the wake of all this, because that's just how this shit works.

It's a wonderful thing right? People will hate each other and do horrible things to each other because of the color of their skin or because their god is whiter than the other's. It's senseless and stupid and is just another reminder that the world is wrong and unjust and any one of us can be snuffed out at any fucking moment.

With all that being said, I'll end this by saying that you should go out and go about your business. Don't buy into the mass media fear machine that will try to dictate what you should and shouldn't do, and may possibly try to get you to give up your personal freedom in an effort to make you "feel safer" (hi Patriot Act).

Fuck the world...for all its worth.

Recover soon Paris. Please.

Back to dick & fart jokes and horror shit next week. I've had enough of the human race for now.

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