Sunday, July 19, 2015

Are People Really Trying to Stop "The Green Inferno"?

It feels like it's been forever since Eli Roth has been stroking our collective cocks with "The Green Inferno". Stuck in distribution hell for about two years now, it seems like we're finally going to get Roth's love letter to the Italian cannibal films of yesteryear as its release date is set for this coming September. That is, unless some dickless toolbags have their way...

It was recently brought to my attention that there is a petition to cancel the release of "The Green Inferno", citing that the film is "dehumanizing" to the indigenous people that Roth hired to play the cannibals in the film. One backer also commented that the film is an example of "white supremacy" and mentions the danger Roth and his film crew allegedly put the natives in (no, seriously, that was said) for the sake of making this movie. Now, if "The Green Inferno" is indeed in the spirit of cannibal films that came before it like "Cannibal Holocaust", etc., then I'd say Roth and co. are on the right track of authenticity if any of the allegations posted on the Change site are true. Cannibal movies back in the day were dangerous and totally fucking revolting, and it seems like that is exactly what Roth is trying to accomplish here with his tribute/love letter to the genre.

Then, something else occurred to me while thinking about this whole thing...are we being trolled? Like seriously...are we being fucking trolled here? As said before, "The Green Inferno" has been in pre-release hell forever and the buzz around has never been all that good to begin with, so maybe this whole thing was drummed up by people involved with the film (or maybe even Roth himself) to try to garner some interest. I mean come on, look at that synopsis: internet social justice warriors get eaten alive by pissed off cannibals. Not many in a mainstream audience are going to want to watch it seems like its getting a relatively wide release, and I really can't imagine it making a big enough dent in box office like other recent mainstream horror releases have lately...considering those films are low budget ghost stories and this film is a modestly budgeted gorefest that probably has guys getting their dicks eaten.

So, whether the whole petition is an honest attempt to shelve a movie that has been sitting on the shelf for the better part of two years, or is a (not so elaborate) set up by people involved in the film to garner interest, "The Green Inferno" is finally going to see the light of day. Will it be a bomb? A modern day classic? Another attempt from Eli Roth that shows lots and lots of promise but in the end fails to deliver? Probably the last thing there in all honesty. No matter what, we should be thankful that this movie even exists, let alone is about to be released...and here's hoping there's some renewed interest in the long-dormant cannibal genre...people need to remember what it's like to watch a movie in a theater and puke their fucking brains out.

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