Saturday, March 3, 2012

Why Rush Limbaugh Should Shut His Fucking Mouth

Oh Rush, you’ve done it again. No, I’m not talking about the classic Canadian rock group that features God on drums either. I’m talking about everyone’s favorite fat-ass, bigoted, loudmouth, hypocritical, ultra-conservative piece of stool Rush Limbaugh.

His stance on birth control is one thing, but when he blatantly calls a girl a slut for stating her beliefs on why birth control is a great thing and that she practices it as well, it’s something else. Now, Rush has totally descended past the point of self-parody. We’ve always expected him to say something totally ridiculous and stupid, but now his moments of putting his own foot in his mouth have just grown so goddamned tiresome that he’s just fucking boring.

It seems that birth control itself has come under so much fire lately that, like Limbaugh himself, it’s just becoming utterly ridiculous and tiresome. If you’re a girl and you take birth control pills, you’re not a slut…YOU ARE A NORMAL FUCKING GIRL! Certain people (i.e. conservatives) have such a problem with women taking the pill most likely because they’re afraid of the fact that said women may be having sex with multiple partners…BECAUSE SHE FUCKING WANTS TO. Does that make her a slut? Not necessarily, but that’s another discussion for another day. What people like Rush and Rick Santorum and every other douche bag blowhard out there is afraid of is the idea of a woman enjoying being sexually active instead of being a subservient housewife chained up in the kitchen all day and squeezing out a baby every year or so. That goes against the typical conservative beliefs that date back to the old, OLD days when women had little to no rights. That’s the America that ultra conservatives want to go back to, and the idea of a sexually active American woman enjoying her life and using the birth control pill frightens the wholly living shit out of them.

Now, don’t think I’m just writing this to knock on conservatives. Not all conservatives are like Rush and necessarily believe what he’s spouting, just like not all liberals are tree-hugging jerk-offs either. BUT, people like Rush play to their audience (and the audience that he draws in is staggeringly shocking) and his audience draws off of him as well. An audience of sheep and Rush is the sheep-herder, which is just the way he wants it and how he’s managed to sustain himself for so goddamn long with his radio show. Now, the fat bastard may have finally bitten off more than he can chew…which in itself is one hell of a shocker.

Fuck you bitch-tits.

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