Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Trapped in the Closet: The Ridiculous Rick Santorum

Rick Santorum is a piece of dogshit.

But chances are, you knew that already.

The Republican Presidential candidate hopeful is by and large the most bigoted, hateful, ignorant politician I think I’ve ever seen. Yes folks, he beats Bush Jr. and Reagan hands down in terms of being a total piece of elitist garbage, just for the fact that he takes things so much further based on one simple fact: Rick Santorum is so far in the closet that there’s little help of getting him out of it.

He hates Gays so much that he should be running to overthrow Fred Phelps for being the leader of the Westboro Baptist Church instead of making a mockery of the Republican Party. And yes folks, you read that last sentence correctly: someone is actually making a mockery of the Republican Party. For that achievement alone, Santorum should get some kind of award. That, and the fact that his last name is now used as the description of what is basically ass-froth is so fitting for this piece of shit that it can’t help but make you smile a little just whenever you hear his name…well, at least for a little bit anyway before he goes and ruins it by talking.

Just recently Santorum decided to tell people that John F. Kennedy’s speech regarding the separation of Church and State “made him sick”. So in addition to being a super-closeted homosexual, Santorum is also a religious zealot. Also, he believes that women shouldn’t have any rights whatsoever. If it were up to him, every woman in America would be chained up in the kitchen, barefoot and pregnant, and popping out babies year after year, because that’s what Santorum’s “America” is all about.

So, let’s narrow this down folks:

Santorum hates Gays.

Santorum hates believes women should have no rights, birth control or otherwise.

Santorum believes Church and State should be united as one.

Santorum believes Christianity is the only religion that should be recognized and that all other religions should be abolished.

Santorum believes that colleges and any form of higher learning are evil.

Sum all this up and who does Rick Santorum sound like? He sounds like Adolf fucking Hitler, that’s who.

This guy is ridiculous, and occasionally he gets hilariously ridiculous with his bullshit, but all the same sometimes he comes off as just flat-out frightening too. Please, no matter your political affiliation, don’t let this guy get anywhere in the political world.

Oh, and if you’re a woman and you’re actually for what Santorum stands for, you should be fucking ashamed of yourself.

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  1. cool paper. i liked your last sentence especially :)