Tuesday, September 14, 2010

The 25 Albums That Didn't Make The Cut

The other day I posed a blog citing my personal top 25 albums. Condensing all the albums I love and have loved into one small list wasn't easy, especially when there were so many more that didn't make the final cut. So here, in no particular order, are 25 more albums that didn't (and perhaps should have) make the final cut, enjoy!

"Walk Among Us" - The Misfits

"Static Age" - The Misfits

"Reign in Blood" - Slayer

"Seasons in the Abyss" - Slayer

"Countdown to Extinction" - Megadeth

"...And Justice For All" - Metallica

"Facelift" - Alice in Chains

"Dirt" - Alice in Chains

"October Rust" - Type O Negative

"Purple" - Stone Temple Pilots

"Portrait of An American Family" - Marilyn Manson

"Smash" - The Offspring

"The Crow" Soundtrack

"Burn My Eyes" - Machine Head

"The Downward Spiral" - Nine Inch Nails

"Astro Creep 2000" - White Zombie

"Screaming For Vengeance" - Judas Priest

"Rage Against the Machine" - Rage Against the Machine

"The Marshall Mathers LP" - Eminem

"Beneath the Remains" - Sepultura

"Chaos A.D." - Sepultura

"Sublime" - Sublime

"Urban Discipline" - Biohazard

"Cleansing" - Prong

"Aenima" - Tool

There are certainly a few more that I could have included, but I think that this pretty much sums it all up for me in a nutshell...bitches!

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  1. Screaming for Vengeance was awesome live @ (you may be too young to remember - lol) The Spectrum!!!